Art is a technique of communication.
 The image is the most complete technique of all communication.
~  Claus Oldenburg


Irma.  The hurricane.  A varied perspective.  These images contribute an alternative photographic account of the historic weather event that swept through the entire state of Florida, in September, 2017. As a Southwest Florida resident who did not evacuate, I wanted to capture another view of what experiencing a hurricane looked like. Something different, equally real and abstractly honest.

Title:  Confined with Faith

Two days before the hurricane strikes, the interior of home is fully darkened by aluminum shutters covering the windows.  Strong in faith, rays of presiding light penetrate the exterior.  A visual of hope that all will be well.    It was.

Title:  Sunset in Paradise 2

Twenty-three hours prior to impact.   The sun is settting outside, inside a sliver of light.

Title:  Wonder Gusts

Enter Irma.  As wind gusts increase, the wonderment of human curiosity mandates a tiptoe balance sneak peak of tree-top views from the high hurricane impact windows of a staircase.

Title:  One Tree Two Windows

As wind intensities hold steady the palm tree bows, making its branches visible between two windows.  Human wonderment escalates to fascination, while Irma’s eye penetrates further.

Title:  Upended

The morning after.  From the simple to the complex, nearly everyone’s life in the state of Florida has been upended in one way, or many.

Title:  Split Pieces

From shard signs to skimmed palm tree trunks, debris in all its split pieces are scattered anywhere and everywhere.

Title:  Hasten Slowly

Aftermath, day 7.  On Sarasota Bay,  water crafts take heed the words of Augustus Ceasar, Hasten slowly, returning to life as usual, while two more hurricanes brew in the Atlantic Ocean.

Title:  Sunshine State

Meanwhile, 69 miles south of Sarasota Bay… irony.  Where skies are blue, white cloud formations abundant, palm trees line streets, and polite pleadings for electricity restoration in Thomas Edison’s Florida continues.


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