Interpretive Keepsake

Ada’s 2009 Pollock Interpretation

You never forget your first.   Catherine was my first.  She was my first commissioned photography client.   She hired me to help create a photographic keepsake of her daughter Ada’s wall mural.

In 2009, Ada lost her father, Catherine’s ex-husband.   As an outlet for expressing and releasing her grief, Ada turned her bedroom wall into a paint canvas.  It was Ada’s personal interpretation above of abstract artist Jackson Pollock that struck Catherine’s heart to want to preserve it.   Ada had left the purple pollockesque wall intact for 8 years, using the three remaining walls of her room as alternate canvases.  When Ada announced to her mom she was ready to repaint, Catherine contacted me, “I love what she did and I want to somehow keep it.”

We discussed numerous photographic options based on her initial intention to preserve the memory of the creative wall painting.   I consulted with her about various printing choices:  stretch canvas, metal, or traditional paper with mat and frame finish.  Catherine elected to start with purchasing a single, high resolution digital file which will be enlarged and printed for final display at a later date.

Using only the natural lighting available, I shot various angles, full scale and specific individual sections.  I also consulted directly with Ada, the mural artist herself, about what aspects of the wall were her favorites and shot those too.   The consults and shoot took 90-minutes.

Orndoff - 1ST PICTogether, mother and daughter previewed the 150 shots that were taken, narrowing their selection of favorites down to seven.  Of the final seven, their enthusiastic keepsake top choice, turned out to be a vertical image.  A single section of the horizontal mural that I took a chance with.   It was this photographer’s creative rendition of the artist’s inspired interpretation of a renowned artist that captivated them most.  You can call it three degrees of artistry.

Catherine and Ada also added small prints of the remaining six images for a mini-album to their custom order.  This completes the first round of our collaboration together.  They’re currently assessing their enlargement size and mounting preference.

Every story creates a picture.  Every picture tells a story.  I do both.  And in this process, with this first commissioned customer, I had the privilege of helping  a family create a one-of-a-kind artistic interpretive keepsake.

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