About SMO

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Living life grounded in love is a lot like the evolution of a butterfly; it’s encapsulating, disguised, fragile, beautiful, difficult, emerging, fleeting, complex and sometimes limited.

Shannon M. O’Regan is my name. Please call me SMO. I am experienced at many things, have opinions on even more and am someone who possesses a panache for transparent honesty. I chronically wish my boobs and booty were two sizes smaller and occasionally resent the increasing gray hair on my head.

As a photographer, I use my artistic eye as both a covert or intrusive source of visual story telling to satisfy a curiosity and wonder of the world around us. I especially love the metaphorical interpretation a photograph can have in story telling to build connection – particularly around socially sensitive subjects.

As a non-fiction essayist, which emerged out of personal tragedy and evolved out of the blog iteration, Papillon D’amour (Butterfly of Love in French), I write about things that capture the heart, feed the soul, and the elements of life that sometimes simply take our breath away. I photograph and write about love and life and the complexities of both.

Together through my words and photographs, I explore where, when and how love is present, absent, thriving, disillusioned, fractured, whole, or empty in various areas of life by integrating my personal experience and observations. I break it down, turn it around, put it upside down and reassemble it. Pretty much the same way I do with my life.

I am a passionate advocate for grief and addiction recovery, derived out of happenings in my own life, and I regularly speak in public on these topics.

Every picture tells a story. Every story creates a picture. I do both.

I am SMO. Cool Human. Photographer. Essayist. Speaker.