Now, where was I?

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

It seems you’ve covered just about everything, I remember her saying.  Those weren’t her exact words, but the message she implied during that phone conversation a few years ago was that in her mind there wasn’t anything else for me to write about. How does she know?  Is she living my life?  Is she somehow me?  No.    I disagreed with her, but only in thought because I’m a coward.  Coward in the sense that I refrain from getting into a debate with people who I know do not have comparable experiences, never mind that she’s a long-time friend.  I didn’t want to justify, argue, defend or explain why I wanted to keep writing.  How I dream of reaching a higher level with writing, making a difference, maybe a book, or a chair-side chat with Oprah, how about my own TED talk.  Why not?     That’s how I see it now.  What I translated and tattooed into my bones from my friend, a writer herself, what that I wasn’t qualified to write or didn’t have anything interesting, unique, or substantive to say.  Gradually, I began to watch my writings become less frequent and harder and harder to put out.     She never said those things.  But I sure did — in my head — I made it all up, put it on continuous loop and pumped the volume to 11.   I slowly began to give up — on me.

Then I moved.  Then I turned 52.  Then I fell in love again; this time with me.  I realized I needed a new dimension, a new platform.  The old one, like the former house or the engagement ring, doesn’t fit.  Suddenly, I’m driven by a sense of urgency; time isn’t feeling on my side and a threat of regret is looming if I don’t give it real try.  I think that may very well had been – without knowing it – exactly what my friend had been trying to say, sort of. Butterfly Love Wallpapers 7

A part of the move includes this new destination for Papillon D’amour  and a refined focus of what I write about: Love.   I explore where and how love is present, absent, thriving, disillusioned, fractured, whole, or empty in all areas of life.  I integrate my personal experience and observations hopefully through even better spirit-centered story telling.  I try to break it down, turn it around, put it upside down and reassemble it.  Pretty much the way I’m doing the same with my life right now.

If you’re newly reading me, thank you.  I hope you stay, love what you read, and get something for yourself out of what’s here and spread the word.  To catch you up, please check out how it all began,

If you followed me before, thank YOU.  It means a lot to have you with me here again.   What you loved before about my writings will continue to expand your heart, your mind, and your life.  I hope you stick around, tell your friends, Oprah, and the powers at TED.

When it comes to love, we’re all in it together.   Now, where was I?

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